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Jennifer Dee, Creative Professional

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My expertise

inspiration + creativity + beauty


Fashion, Family, Wedding, Travel, Real Estate


Tourism, Lifestyle, News, Trends


Social Media, Advertising, Content Strategy

Digital Media Designer

Web Graphics, Web Design

My philosophy

I believe in the power of the imagination. Creativity is an essential part of what make us human. Creativity has helped us accomplish wondrous marvels and incredible works of art. Creativity drives my passions. It inspires me to create beautiful and imaginative images, designs, art and literature. With each piece of work, I feel compelled to be better than before, to push myself to new heights and to learn from my successes and my failures. Creativity is a journey - one that never ends.

Professional Services


10 year experience photographing many different genres. Wedding, Family, Corporate, Real Estate, Maternity & so much more!

Social Media Management

From conducting audits to creating content, I establish and manage social media branding and follower interaction. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, and more!

Web Graphic Designer

I create digital media content - infographics, art, digital graphics, etc. - for use on the web.


I'm a writer for a weekly travel column. I'm also a lifestyle and trends writer on things like home decor, DIY, How To, and Food. I also blog about tourism to places like Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando.


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